Metaverse Creatures

Metaverse Creatures

The Metaverse consists of 12 Legendary creatures from 8 clans, which consist of inhabitants who live a simple life, some of them are Druids, Chiefs or work as Guards.

Created: July 2021 Status: Active Contract: OpenSea (ERC-1155) Blockchain: Ethereum
Available options: — Updates to Warriors, Devils and Hybrids. — The owner of Creator #1000 can starts the birth of new creatures #301 - 999. — Claim free Babies


There are 8 clans in the Metaverse: Humanoids, Shapes, Insectoids, Ichthyoids, Cyborgs, Beasts, Symbiotics and Mysticals. The Civils live ordinary lives, some work as Guards, some are the Chiefs, Druids or Warriors.

All warriors are clones of ordinary creatures, which are created by the Legendary #200 — "Knight". Who have a decree from the Ancient that he recruited Warriors against evil.

But there is also a dark side to this world. The main villain is the Legendary #666, named "Devils Charmer”. It’s he who creates clones from ordinary creatures, as he inherited the genes of an Ancient.

The Creator is ancient and the first creature who created all other beings of the Metaverse. The owner of #1000 decides whether the birth of new creatures will continue. If he decides to continue creating, creatures will be born: 301 - 999. At any time, the owner can stop the birth of creatures.

Hybrids are born in the secret laboratory - these are new creatures that appear when the genes of ordinary creatures mix. They have the best properties and they always have a power.

Rarity rank

Since the collection is not yet complete, with each addition of new creatures, the ranking will be updated and the rating of each MC can be changed automatically.

Common 517/594

Guard 24/24 ✅

Chief 32/32 ✅

Druid 88/88 ✅

Civil 153/153 ✅

Baby 220/297

Rare 107/130

Warrior 47/50

Devil 44/50

Hybrid 16/30

Super Rare 9/30

Special 0/10

Legendary 12/12

Legendary 12/12

Guards, Chiefs, Druids, Civils — common, original MC's
Baby — free reward for MC holder
Warriors, Devils, Hybrids — paid upgrades, created on request for MC holders (on a specific discord channels)
Collaboration — special collaborative art created with different artists
Legendaries — The first creatures made by the Ancient

Special — special arts

Highest Last Sale

MC #6006 ETH


Highest Secondary Sale

MC #60.6 ETH


Top Collectors

🥇 themetaart 156

🥈 keepcase 37

🥉 psylo_fungitown 36

sibeclop 15

bigdaddycreel 12

Toeknucklesz 10

julienrivoire 10

Scheme of upgrade

Update requests are accepted only after verification on the discord server.



To determine the number of creatures and for requesting upgrades, you need to pass verification on a special discord server. 👑 MC Legend (MC Legendary holder) — 1 free upgrade per week

🕶 MC Master (10+ MC's holder) — 1 free upgrade per month

👽 MC Rookie (1+ MC's holder) — MC Baby


2022 — 2023

🕓 Super rare: Specials

🕓 Super rare: Collaborations

December 2021

Rarity ranking site 🥳

☑️ Legendary: #1000 — Creator = 10 ETH

☑️ Legendary: #900 — Spirit = 9 ETH

☑️ Legendary: #800 — Beast = 8 ETH

☑️ Legendary: #777 — Angel = 7.77 ETH

☑️ Legendary: #700 — Explorer = 7 ETH

Super Rare: Collaboration with Anat Efrati. Sold by 0.2 ETH

November 2021

☑️ Legendary: #666 — Devils Charmer = 6.66 ETH

October 2021

Super Rare: Collaboration with FAHFAHS. Sold by 0.294 ETH

☑️ Super Rare: Collaboration with Alfie Robles. Open for offers

Super Rare: Collaboration with Jeremy Pires. Sold by 0.525 ETH

Super Rare: Collaboration with MechNuggets. Sold by 1.34 ETH

September 2021

Super Rare: Collaboration with Andrew Bell. Sold by 0.3675 ETH

Super Rare: Collaboration with Jung Senarak. Sold by 1.2 ETH

Super Rare: Collaboration with Gossamer. Sold by 0.47 ETH (50% of Double Collab price)

Legendary: #600 — King of Shadows = 6 ETH SOLD

☑️ Legendary: #500 — Mech Lord = 5 ETH

Legendary: #400 — Soul Eater = 4 ETH SOLD

August 2021

Common: #260 — #299 = 0.2 ETH SOLD

Super Rare: Collaboration with Arya Mularama. Sold by 0.21 ETH

Legendary: #300 — Destroyer = 3 ETH SOLD

July 2021

✅ Start sending MC Babies as airdrop for Common MC holders

Common: #208 — #259 = 0.2 ETH SOLD

Common: #201 — #207 = 0.15 ETH SOLD

Legendary: #200 — Knight = 2 ETH SOLD

Common: #131 — #199 = 0.1 ETH SOLD

Common: #101 — #130 = 0.05 ETH SOLD

Legendary: #100 — Guardian = 1 ETH SOLD

Common: #88 — #99 = 0.02 ETH SOLD

Common: #67 — #87 = 0.01 ETH SOLD

Common: #42 — #66 = 0.008 ETH SOLD

Common: #11 — #41 = 0.005 ETH SOLD

🐣 Start minting: July 12, 2021


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions, but if you have not found an answer to your question, write to #general, we will definitely solve your question

— Where I can request a MC Baby?

If you are the owner of at least one or more regular MC's, then you can order a baby through the discord channel #metaverse-creatures. Before ordering, you need to pass verification on the #verify channel. One MC will have only 1 baby.

— Can the MC Baby get an upgrade to a warrior or a devil?

Sorry, but the MC baby can't fight. The baby should have a good childhood 😉

— How to upgrade my own MC to a warrior, devil or hybrid?

Anyone who has a common MC can upgrade it to a warrior or a devil. This is paid and works according to the formulas:

MC Warrior
MC#A = MC#A — Warrior
Price is 2x from last sale of MC#A

MC Devil
MC#A = MC#A — Devil
Price is 3x from last sale of MC#A

MC Hybrid (both creatures must be yours)
MC#A + MC#B = MC#AxB
Price is a sum of last sales of both MC

If the cost of upgrade is ok for you, write to the channel #metaverse-creatures

— Can a MC have multiple warriors or devils?

The MC can only be upgraded once. If you bought an original creature that already has warrior or devil, it can't be upgraded a second time.

— How long does it take to produce a baby, warrior, devil or a hybrid?

AIf the application is on the waiting list, it is usually on the next day, except for weekends. Be patient, all applications are processed and all creatures will be created.