NFT Roundelay

NFT Roundelay

The project that introduces with NFT collections and NFT Artists.


How to participate?

For NFT Artists / NFT Collections creators. Each character addition costs 0.05 ETH

Step 1

Download the template and draw your NFT character.


Requirements: 1000x1000px, PNG (with transparent background)

Step 2

Upload your character by this form.

Moderator may refuse to add a character if he bullying others, depicts obscene things or if it’s not done according to the template.


Q: What is the main idea behind this project?

A: For Artists: promoting yourself or your NFT collections. For Collectors: Search for amazing new NFT collections and Artists.

Q: Why does it cost ETH to add a NFT character?

A: Because each request is considered individually and it takes time (uploading files to the server, entering data, setting up a link to the collection and of course developing the website)

Q: Why only for NFT Artists?

A: Because the NFT character must be made in the style of the NFT collection.

If you are not a creator, but want to add your own NFT character, you can contact with the creator of your collection and order a special character as commission. It will be a good support of your fav artist 💚

Q: Can I choose where my NFT character will stand?

A: No, the NFT character will be added in order of addition.

Q: How do I get a verified badge?

A: The badge will be added automatically, if your collection is already verified by OpenSea, Rarible, Looks Rare, etc.

Q: These works will be minted someday?

A: Nope