Sketching trip to Japan

Sketching trip to Japan

📅 June 6-10, 2022

I really miss Japan, so I decided to go back there virtually and draw in the places where I have already been and invite you to go there with me. 5 days we will draw in different locations. Come and bring your friends, it will be fun ✌️😉

💬 Join to #tojapanwithilya

On the channel I will talk about each day of the trip and show photos from the places.

✍️ How to participate?

  1. Join to discord
  2. Get a link to the drawing location (Google Maps), draw any angle what you love.
  3. Post your work on our discord channel or twitter with hashtag #tojapanwithilya
  4. The best works will be added to the gallery

💚 Draw as you like: use pen, colored pencils or draw in procreate, it doesn't matter.